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OAK-FFC 1P PoE is a flexible and powerful prototyping platform that allows you to connect any FFC camera module that best fits your project requirement in terms of resolution, FPS, FOV, shutter type, and depth of focus. It also features on-device Neural Network inferencing and Computer Vision capabilities.

  • Allowing to connect any FFC camera module
  • Micro SD card connector for DepthAI SoM 3.3V SDIO
  • 4 TOPS of processing power (1.4 TOPS for AI)
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)

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This platform has OAK-SoM-PRO on board offering 4 TOPS of processing power (1.4 TOPS for AI - RVC2 NN Performance), capable of running any AI model (models need to be converted) on the device. It supports encoding in H.264, H.265, and MJPEG at 4K/30FPS, 1080P/60FPS. Computer vision features include warp, resize, crop via ImageManip, edge detection, and feature tracking, with the ability to run custom CV functions.

We suggest to follow getting started guide.

Do you need more cameras? The OAK-FFC 4P PoE offers the same functionality as the OAK-FFC 1P PoE, but also 3 additional FFC ports and PoE passthrough feature (for daisy chaining).

Key Features

RVC2 architecture on-board features

  • Power consumption: up to 5.5W
  • Gigabit ethernet for power (PoE) and data
  • Dimensions: 80x60mm
  • Weight: 78g

Compatible Camera Modules

Note: Please take note that the manual calibration is needed when the camera modules are connected. Please follow the calibration guide.

Sensor MP Color/Grayscale Shutter Type Focus Type Wide FOV DFOV / HFOV / VFOV M12 Mount
OAK-FFC-IMX214-W 13MP Color Rolling FF: 50 cm - ∞ - 117° / 105° / 88° -
OAK-FFC-IMX378 12MP Color Rolling AF: 10 cm - ∞ - 81° / 69° / 55° -
OAK-FFC-IMX378-FF 12MP Color Rolling FF: 50 cm - ∞ - 82° / 69° / 55° -
OAK-FFC-IMX378-W 12MP Color Rolling FF: 50 cm - ∞ Yes 120° / 108° / 93° -
OAK-FFC-OV9282 1MP Grayscale Global FF:19.6 cm - ∞ - 89° / 80° / 55° -
OAK-FFC-OV9282-M12 1MP Grayscale Global FF: 20 cm - ∞ - HFOV: 75˚ Yes
OAK-FFC-OV9282-W 1MP Grayscale Global FF: 19.6cm - ∞ Yes 150° / 127° / 79.5° -
OAK-FFC-OV9782-M12 1MP Color Global FF: 20 - ∞ - HFOV: 75° Yes
OAK-FFC-OV9782-W 1MP Color Global FF: 19.6 cm - ∞ Yes 150° / 127° / 79.5° -
OAK-FFC-IMX577-M12 12MP Color Rolling AF:10 cm - ∞ - HFOV: 75° Yes
OAK-FFC-AR0234-M12 2.3MP Color Global FF: 45cm - ∞ - 100° / 82° / 56° Yes

This board is also compatible with RPi camera interface. For that you will need a FFC from Arducam, which converts 26-pin Luxonis camera pinout to 22 pin RPi camera pinout.

General information
  • Interface for OAK-SoM Pro
  • USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
  • 1000BASE-T ethernet
  • Header access for OAK-SoM Pro 1.8V SPI
  • Header access for OAK-SoM Pro 1.8V Aux Signals (I2C, UART, GPIO)
  • Micro SD connector for OAK SoM 3.3V SDIO
  • On-board PCIe ref clk for OAK-SoM Pro and PCIe/Ethernet bridge
  • User-selectable OAK-SoM Pro boot configuration switches
  • Design files produced with Altium Designer 20
Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)

The base board offers full 802.3af, Class 3 PoE compliance with 1000BASE-T speeds (1Gbps). PoE injector/switch is required to power the device. If need an injector, you can buy it here.

Power consumption

Most of the power is consumed by the RVC2, so the power consumption mostly depends on the workload of the VPU:

  • Base consumption + camera streaming: 2.5W - 3W
  • PoE circuitry: 0.5W
  • AI subsystem consumption: Up to 1W
  • Stereo depth pipeline subsystem: Up to 0.5W
  • Video Encoder subsystem: Up to 0.5W

So the total power consumption can be up to ~5.5W if you are using all the features at 100% at the same time. To reduce the power consumption, you can reduce FPS of the whole pipeline - that way, subsystems won’t be utilized at 100% and will consume less power.


The ambient operating temperature of RVC2 based devices is between -20°C and 50°C when fully utilizing the VPU. To find out more, see our operative temperature range documentation.

Package includes:

  • OAK-FFC 1P PoE assembly
  • Ethernet cable, 2m
  • Flexible flat cable, 15cm

Note: PoE injector / switch is required to power the device and it is not included in the packaging. If you need an injector, you can buy it here.

Note: Camera modules are not included in the packaging. List of available cameras is here.

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