Stereo Depth

Do you need camera with stereo depth perception capabilities?
Depth perception preview

Stereo depth perception can measure distances, provide improved object recognition and help with image segmentation, making them useful for applications such as entertainment and automated systems.

Active Stereo

Would you like to enhance your camera with an Active Stereo feature?
active stereo comparison

In challenging environments, our OAK cameras are designed to excel, even in low light conditions or featureless surfaces such as walls and ceilings. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our cameras feature an on-board IR laser dot projector for active stereo and an IR illumination LED for night vision.

Camera FOV

Would you be interested in the Wide Field of View Camera?
fov comparison

Wide field of view cameras with fixed focus lenses capture expansive scenes such as landscapes and large rooms with ease, making them perfect for monitoring, surveillance, and live streaming applications. They are also highly sought-after for drones and robots, providing a wider perspective of their surroundings, just like human eyes.

Camera Focus

Are you looking for Auto-Focus camera or Fixed-Focus camera?
Vibrations comparison

Video for reference.

Auto-Focus cameras have an electromagnet that controls the lens position dynamically and are recommended for close objects between 8 cm to 50 cm of the device.

Fixed-Focus cameras has the lens fixed in place mechanically and are recommended for heavy-vibration applications, such as drones, lawnmowers, or vehicles.

Connection Type

What type of connectivity do you prefer?
Usb vs ethernet


  • Easily connects to a computer and other devices
  • High-speed data transfer and charging capabilities
  • Quick file transfers and data backups


  • Supports longer cable runs up to 100 meters
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology
  • Designed for outdoor environments

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