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OAK-D SR PoE Camera

OAK-D SR PoE is a camera that emphasizes improved short-range accuracy when compared to the standard OAK-D and further expands our catalog of robotic vision solutions. It employs Time of Flight (ToF) VGA sensor, which enables accurate measurement of the depth of objects in a scene, resulting in more precise focusing and improved low-light performance.


  • IR dot projector
  • Time of Flight (ToF) VGA (640x480 @ 30fps)
  • Two OV9782 (1 MP Color Global Shutter)
  • IP66 rated enclosure
  • M12 X-coded connector
  • M8 IO connector
  • PoE circuitry

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The OAK-D Short Range PoE with ToF (OAK-D SR PoE) was designed to provide an accurate short to medium-range depth perception (ideally up to 3m). It’s ideal for applications like bin picking, for pick and place machines, quality control/automated manufacturing, robotics arms, and more. It features a robust, IP66-rated enclosure.

Besides the stereo camera pair (2x OV9782 , 2cm baseline distance) it features ToF sensor which has an ideal range of 20cm to 5m, and depth accuracy of below 1% indoors and below 2% outdoors.

The OAK-D SR PoE leverages our OAK-SoM-Pro to make an overall compact design. The use of the SoM reduces the design’s scale, making it easier to mount or fit in various robotic processes.

PoE connection allows cameras to communicate to other computers via networking protocols (TCP, UDP, HTTP, MQTT, etc.). As our PoE models feature device flash memory, you can also run your programs in standalone mode. OAK PoE cameras are housed in an rugged, IP-rated enclosure, which is required for industrial and outdoor use.

We suggest following PoE deployment guide as the first steps after installation.

This OAK device is built on top of the RVC2 architecture, with main features being:

  • Base line: 20mm
  • Ideal depth range:
    Stereo: 30 - 100cm
    ToF: 20cm - 5m
  • Power consumption: up to 5.5W
  • Industrial grade aluminum housing with Front Gorilla Glass
  • 1/4" tripod mount and 75mm M4 Vesa mount
  • Dimensions: 80x52x46mm
  • Weight: 297g

Camera specifications

This camera uses special 120FPS global shutter sensors as the stereo pair cameras.

Sensor specifications:
RGB / Stereo Pair ToF Sensor
Sensor OV9782 (PY074) 33D ToF
DFOV / HFOV / VFOV 89.5° / 80° / 55° 82.3° / 70° / 54.7°
Resolution 1MP (1280x800) VGA (640x480)
Range / Focus FF: 20cm - ∞ 20cm - 6m
Max Framerate 120 FPS (800P) 45 FPS (VGA)
Pixel size 3μm 7μm
Lens size 1/4 inch 1/3.2 inch
F-number 2.0 ±5% 1.45 ± 5%
Effective Focal Length 2.35mm N/A

IR perception

This product is classified as a Class 1 Laser Product under the EN/IEC 60825-1, Edition 3 (2014) internationally. More information about IR perception and laser safety can by found here.

Active stereo
  • Uses Ams Belago 1.1 Dot-Pattern Infrared Illuminator
  • IR dot projector improves depth perception, especially for low-visual-interest surfaces by projecting thousands of IR dots to the scene.
Night vision
  • IR illumination LED enables running your AI and CV algorithms in low-light or no-light environments

Power consumption

Most of the power is consumed by the RVC2, so the power consumption mostly depends on the workload of the VPU:

  • Base consumption + camera streaming: 2.5W - 3W
  • PoE circuitry: 0.5W
  • AI subsystem consumption: Up to 1W
  • Stereo depth pipeline subsystem: Up to 0.5W
  • Video Encoder subsystem: Up to 0.5W

Illumination LED and laser dot projector
Power is configurable (more power - more brightness):

  • Dot projector (active stereo): Up to 1W
  • Illumination LED (night vision): Up to 1W

So the total power consumption can be up to ~7.5W if you are using all the features at 100% at the same time. To reduce the power consumption, you can reduce FPS of the whole pipeline - that way, subsystems won’t be utilized at 100% and will consume less power.

Depth perception

Stereo depth

This OAK camera has a baseline of 2 cm - the distance between the left and the right stereo camera. Minimal and maximal depth perception (MinZ and Max) depends on camera FOV, resolution, and baseline- more information here.

  • Ideal range: 30cm - 100cm
  • MinZ: 20cm (800P)
  • MaxZ: ~3 meters with a variance of 10%
ToF depth perception

ToF tech emits modulated IR light (940nm), measures return time to sensor, and calculates object distance. This determines depth in the scene.

  • Depth range limits: 20cm - 5m
  • Depth accuracy:
     indoors: below 1%
     outdoors: below 2%

For more information about ToF depth perception please check this article.

M12 PoE connector is used for power and GBit data transfer. Additionally M8 connector for IO connectivity; USB2 (D+, D-), camera IOs (FSIN, STROBE), power, and one auxiliary GPIO. Cap for M8 is included when connector is not used to ensure water resistance. More information can be found here.

Operating characteristics

This camera is shipped with IP66 rated enclosure. More details can be found here.

The ambient operating temperature of RVC2 based devices is between -20°C and 50°C when fully utilizing the VPU. To find out more, see our operative temperature range documentation.

Package contains:

  • OAK-D SR PoE
  • Ethernet cable M12 to RJ45 2m

Note: PoE injector / switch is required to power the device and it is not included in the packaging. If you need an injector, you can buy it here.

Open Source Hardware

This hardware design is open source, and all design files are available on GitHub.

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OAK-D Short Range PoE with ToF