DepthAI: System on Module (SoM)
DepthAI: System on Module (SoM)

DepthAI: System on Module (SoM)

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DepthAI is a platform built to allow the power of Spatial AI to be integrated into products.

The DepthAI hardware, firmware, and software suite combine depth perception, object detection (neural inference), and object tracking and gives you this power in a simple, easy-to-use USB-based Python API.

This product is the DepthAI System on Module (SoM), which is what you can use to integrate the power of DepthAI into your own products, leveraging our open source software and hardware (see our Github).

• All connectivity through single 100-pin connector (DF40C-100DP-0.4V(51))
 • 1 x 4-lane MIPI for high-res image sensor (e.g. 12MP)
 • 2 x 2-lane MIPI for standard-res image sensors (e.g. 1MP)
 • USB3 interface

Important Note: This System on Module cannot be used standalone; it requires a carrier board and connection to a host processor running Linux, MacOS, or Windows.  If you are looking for a pure-embedded use-case, such as use with an MCU (e.g. ATTiny8, ESP32, etc.) instead of an operating-system-capable host processor, see the BW1099EMB here.

Part Number: BW1099

Documentation and Resources:

  • Product Brief: here
  • Product Data Sheet: here
  • Documentation: here
  • Discussion Forum: here
  • Discord Community: here
  • Python Github: here
  • C++ API Github: here
  • Hardware Github: here

  • DepthAI Models Overview: here